Posted by: Chris Sandel | May 5, 2008

I Made a Cake!

I am usually off on Fridays but this week we’ve got our big church-wide Volunteer Celebration dinner and I’m on to pick up the comedian, Bob Stromberg, and take him where ever he needs to go.  So instead of taking Friday off I switched my day off to today.  It was kind of nice.  I hadn’t expected to be off so I didn’t have a big agenda.  I did some work/house stuff but I also decided to try a little baking.  So I made a cake.  Chocolate mint!  Not sure how it will taste but it wasn’t something I’d usually do so it was fun to try.



  1. LOL! I’m impressed! It LOOKS really good…

  2. i’m impressed too it looks delicious :o)

  3. It was really tasty. I’m thankful it turned out so well. I’m also thankful our house didn’t catch on fire! (Luckily, near burning to the ground has only happened one in our four years of marriage!)

  4. Didn’t realize you were so good in the kitchen, Chris!

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