Posted by: Chris Sandel | May 4, 2008

10,000 Days

This is a big day for me.  Thanks to I found out that today is the 10,000th day of my life.  A few fun facts about my 10,000 days:

  • I’ve blinked about 144 million times
  • There have been about 3,629,000,000 people born and 1,555,000,000 people have died.  That is an overall population increase of over 2 billion!
  • If I’d managed to get around my bad habit of biting my nails I could have fingernails more than two feet long.
  • Of those 10,000, I’ve officially been dating Melissa for about 3,500 of those days.
  • I’m betting 20 of them have been spent at weddings and another 6 at funerals (a good ratio thus far).

With those 10,000 days of course come 10,000 nights. 

  • I’ve spent approximately 71 of those nights outside of the United States, and like 23 of them on a different continent.
  • Last, but not least, it has been a while but I’m betting I wet my bed on about 1,500 of those nights.

Since this is such a big day, I’m looking forward to some great gifts (not that I’m expecting anything or anything).  Of course if shopping is too much trouble, feel free to send money.  A dollar per day sounds fair.

Congratulations to me!



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