Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 30, 2008

Honesty Day

So today is Honesty Day.  It is a day when “people are encouraged to be more honest, and accepting of honesty. This may include telling friends, coworkers, family members and acquaintances about things that would have been left unsaid on other days. Information or opinions held back for the sake of politeness may be revealed on Honesty Day.”  Apparently April 30 was selected because April begins with a day dedicated to lying and should end on a higher moral note.  (Personally, April first sounds like a lot more fun to me but maybe Honesty Day will be good for some fun times as well.)

I guess this isn’t just another Lying Wednesday like all of the rest.  Today is special.  So as you go about your day today, thinking it is just a regular old hump day beware.  This is honesty day.

HONESTLY, this is a pretty aweful picture of Lincoln.  He wasn’t the most attractive man in the world but yikes!

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