Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 28, 2008

Fish Stories

I am not much of a fisherman.  If I wanted to sit out on a boat all day I don’t think I’d want to be perfectly quiet while I untangled string and staring at a bobber hoping that, if I’m lucky, I’ll get a chance to grab something slimy, chop it’s head off and eat it for dinner.  I don’t even like eating fish.  (Unless of course they are fish sticks, but then I’m not sure if that technically counts.  And with fish sticks, I’m really just in it for the ketchup anyway.)

While I myself am not a fisherman, I can’t help but be amazed at this collection of large, odd, fun, extreme and otherwise notable pictures of fish.  You’ll have to hit the link to check them all out (and it is worth a quick scan through) but I did want to include one picture.  Apparently this is the largest freshwater fish ever caught.  It is a 646 pound catfish that was caught in Thailand.  They were going to release the fish but it died before they could.  They took it back to their villiage to eat.  I’m sure everyone had their fill!



  1. oh my gosh… some of those fish are just UGLY!

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