Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 27, 2008

Google Maps – Street View

A few months back Google released a new feature for their very popular Google Maps site.  It isn’t available everywhere but for some locations it is possible to actually view the place you are planning to visit as if you’re driving down the street.  Or, if you’re just looking to have a little fun, you can take a virtual stroll around a great place like Times Square in New York or a horrible, horrible place like just outside of Wrigley Field

Some people have taken to pointing out funny images caught by the Google Street View cameras as they drive through neighborhoods and this one is particularly funny.  My wife really likes watching bike crashes (her all time favorite is found in the romantic comedy While You Were Sleeping) so this progression will be right up her alley.  Hit the link and move down the street a couple of times (you can pivot your view to keep focusing on the bike rider) to see the entire crash in progress. 




  1. ROFL awesome

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