Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 25, 2008

Stupid Americans – Geography

Here is a little geography quiz, brought to you be St. Louis Post Dispatch.  I only managed 6 out of 8.  I thought I’d do better.  The crazy thing is the statistics that come with each question.  The most amazing ones to me:

  • 63% of young American’s couldn’t identify Iraq on a map of the Middle East
  • 41% of young American’s can’t even identify what continent the Amazon rainforest is on
  • 50% were not able to identify New York state on a map of the United States


  1. Chris. Some people out there in our nation don’t have maps. I believe our education in the U.S. should help South Africa and the Iraq and the Asian countries…

  2. Well said.

  3. well you did better than me…i failed miserably (4 out of 8) but then again geography was never my strong point..heck I can’t even remember geography…don’t think i’ve had it since jr. high

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