Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 24, 2008

See Through Portapotty

Public toilets, especially portapotties, are always an experience.  But these glass ones from Switzerland have got to be crazy to use.  Personally, I don’t particularly enjoy sharing bathrooms in general but sitting in the middle of the street people watching while doing your business is something that I just can’t imagine.  I guess it makes it a little better that it is one way glass but still, probably not for me. 

At least it looks a lot cleaner than any other public restroom that I’ve ever seen.



  1. you. find. the. strangest. things!

    how? Do you just google portapotty (and why you would do that I have NO idea) or what?

  2. As much as I’d like to say I just happen to find all of this, most of the time I see it highlighted elsewhere. Actually, it may have been from It is a fun thing where you can tell it your interests and it will just pop up a random site that someone else liked based on your interests. You can also recommend sites. You get some stupid stuff but a lot of times it is fun.

  3. I’d use it. Always wanted to use the restroom facing the street.

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