Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 23, 2008

What can you make with one page?

For those of you who don’t know, I was an art major for a year and have 5-6 art courses on my college transcript that didn’t help me much toward my degree in youth minstry.  In those classes there were some pretty creative projects that we were given, especially in my three dimensional design class.  We had to use only wire (representing a single line) to create a normal three dimensional object so I made an SLR camera out of small gague wire.  We had to take a normal object and change the surface to make it into something ridiculous or impractical so I made an umbrella made out of fur.  One of my favorites was our final for that class.  We had to make some kind of creative chair so I made a throne out of pool noodles and a few steel bars. 

I love the idea behind this art show.  Sometime the best art is the simplest and this sure has that.  The only requirements were that the artists could only use one sheet of paper for whatever they did.  There are lots if you hit the link but here are a few I especially liked. 



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