Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 20, 2008

And I thought cryogenic freezing was weird

Marko pointed this one out.  Apparently there is a new option for your loved ones who pass away.  I thought we were pretty much down to burial and cremation.  A few weirdo’s might go for cryogenic freezing but that was the odd one out.  But this almost makes sticking your relatives in a freezer sound normal.  Thanks to the folks at Lifegem, it is now possible to wear the remains of your deceased loved ones proudly everywhere you go. This is a whole new kind of bling.  Check out the following words from a happy customer:

My husband and I were never separated in life and why should it different after his death. I wanted him to be with me wherever I go so what better way than to have his ashes made into a stunning diamond. It sparkles so much just like he did.  My diamond is next to my heart so I know we will never be parted.

Poor guy.  Even in death his wife is with him 24/7. 


  1. Dear Whoever reads this~ I’ve just learned that my Grandfather wishes to be cryogenically frozen and buried at sea. So, my first visual is of some couple having a romantic cruise looking out over the balcony of the ship and seeing my Grandfather (Popsical) floating along beside them. Is this for real???? I kinda thought he was a tad insane anyways, but this just put him over the top. Where do people have this done? Do they really just take them out to sea?? Are they weighted down?? I’ll just start with these for now. Thanks for you help!

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