Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 19, 2008

The Antichrist is from Canada

I am not a big hockey fan and I really don’t have any idea who Carey Price is.  Apparently he is a goaltender who was in his rookie season in the NHL last year.  He plays for the Montreal Canadians and I hear they treat their hockey like a religion up there.  He must be pretty good because the guy who made this video really seems to like him.  I think he may be taking things a little (or A LOT) too far.  I now present to you a video short entitiled, Jesus Price.



  1. If this video were true …

    1) John the Baptist looked like a caveman
    2) If one is not able to be baptized, donning Montreal Canadians apparel (especially a jersey and hat) are sufficient.
    3) Jesus would like to use the Stanley Cup for at least one miracle.
    4) Blocking a hockey puck is equivalent to saving the souls of men, healing, feeding … or at least turning water into wine.

    Wow … that might be the worst ‘movie’ I’ve ever seen.

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