Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 17, 2008

Video Game Medley – Marching Band

When I go to a football game, I am there for the game.  I want to see the big hits, the long passes the great runs.  I’m generally not very interested in the halftime show (though I will say I have definitely been impressed at times by the Marching Illini).  However, this is pretty darn cool and it is a great combo for my friends Josh (music guy and rabid fan of old school video games) and Bethany (former member of the Marching Illini).  I don’t know much about marching band formations but these look pretty impressive.



  1. This takes nerdiness to a whole new level. (I’m only 50% nerd though – I didn’t get all of the games – I’m video game illiterate.) I did enjoy how the video was upside down (just like at Memorial Stadium).

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