Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 16, 2008

Vitamins May Increase Risk of Death

This sounds like a joke but here is a the headline that popped up on my screen this morning from the heath desk at CNN: Vitamins May Increase Risk of Death.  A recent study found that, “antioxidant supplements significantly increased mortality.”  Add this to the Atkins’s diet craze of a few years back and my whole health education growing up is out the window.  I guess that is just one more reason why I stick to meat and potatoes.  (Now I just have to cut those pesky vitamins out of my diet.)

Plus, did I miss something or isn’t the chance of death pretty much 100%.  I’m pretty sure everyone I’ve ever met is completely mortal.  In light of this there are a few other things I think people should know:

  • Bunnies who eat carrots are found to have large ears
  • Babies who wear cloth diapers often weight less than their parents
  • Drinking way too much can cause some people to become intoxicated

Apparently the entire nation is shocked at stupid studies like these.

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