Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 11, 2008

Fat Don’s for Grown-Ups

In college I used to tag along with Melissa to have dinner at the University of Illinos dining halls.  Once a week one of the dorms hosted a specialty resturant called Fat Don’s.  I only got to go a few times but it really was one of the most incredible displays of American over indulgance that I’ve ever seen (but man was it good).  They had piles upon piles of steaks and chicken breasts and, as always at the dorms, it was all you can eat.  I would go through the line and grab three big steaks, a chicken breast and a loaded baked potato (to make sure I was getting my veggies).  Anywhere that you get all you can eat meat is great in my book.

Last night Melissa and I went down to St. Louis for the night to hang out and celebrate her new job (which I just realized that I haven’t posted about yet…I’ll have to do that).  We wanted to do something new and fun so we decided to go to a Brazilian restaurant.  We had heard about them before and thought it would be fun to try.  Essentially it is Fat Don’s for grown-ups.  The menu is simple…everything is all you can eat.  They had a salad bar (not much use to me), hot bar and all you can eat meat.  At the beginning of the night they give your table a little card and as long as it is flipped up they keep the meat coming.  We had like 5-6 different kinds of beef plus some chicken and shimp.  For a guy who is essentially an anti-vegitarian it is tough to beat.


  1. Um, what IS that?

  2. Steak of some kind…thankfully everything we had was more cooked than that.

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