Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 9, 2008

Movie Recaps with Bunnies

Yesterday I talked about some of the movies that I’ve seen from the AFI Top 100 list of all time best movies.  I got some great suggestions of what to watch next (with the exception of the musicals) so thanks for sharing.  But maybe you’re not a movie person so you haven’t seen many of them.  If that is you, don’t worry.  I have got the site for you.  Just check out Angry Alien productions.  For the last few years they have been putting together 30-second re-enactments of some of the most well known movies of all time (everything from old classics like It’s a Wonderful Life and King Kong to newer comedies like Napolean Dynomite and Office Space).  The best part though is that they are all done by bunnies!  Now you can get the basic plot of Casablanca without sitting through the whole thing.  And not only that, it is all done with cartoons and high squeeky voices.  You can’t beat that!



  1. […] Here is a cute combination of Charlie Bit Me, the Star Wars Praise Song from yesterday and the 30 second movie recaps by bunnies.  This cute little three year old girl gives a quick summary of Star […]

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