Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 7, 2008

Like a Bad Dream

I had an interesting experience yesterday.  Just as I was getting home from our first student leadership meeting (which went great by the way.  I’m going to love spending more time with them) I grabbed a Starburst from the Jeep.  I figured I needed a little desert to go with the pizza and soda I had for lunch.  Anyway, as I got out of the car I bit down and felt something crunchy.  Now, I’ve had really old Starburst before and they can get a little crusty and hard but this one was actually new and fairly soft so I wondered what the deal was.  I was about to bite down some more to try to get rid of the crunchiness (since that is what I would do with an old, crusty Starburst) when I decided to stop.  I thought, just in case there is some gross thing that got wrapped up with my candy, maybe I should take a look.  I popped that baby out of my mouth it had several big chunks of my teeth in it.  I had been crunching down on my own teeth!  It was like one of those bad dreams that you have when you find yourself biting down on something only to have all of our teeth crumble and fall out of your mouth. 

It was scary for a second but after that it was really more weird than anything else.  I took it in to show off to Melissa and then disected the Starburst to save the pieces of tooth.  I’m really not sure why I saved it.  I guess I thought it was like a limb that had been severed.  Maybe if I put it on ice they could reattach it.  Even that doesn’t really make sense though because I didn’t even call the dentist until this morning.  Let’s hope I don’t take the same approach if I ever sever a limb. 

For those of you concerned, I’m sure I made both my wife and mother happy today.  I went to the dentist at lunch and got things taken care of.  Apparently it was a big filling that had come out (apparently now they are the color of teeth).  All they had to do was replace the filling and I was good to go.  Not only that, they did it for free!  (Thanks Dr. Morley.)  Now I just have to hope it doesn’t come out again.  If it does I’m looking at a much more expensive crown to put my tooth back together.

Anybody want some Starburst?  I happen to have a few extra in my Jeep.



  1. Yes, your mother is very proud of you. And also very happy your teeth are in tact since we spent a lot of orthodontic money for that beautiful smile. 🙂 😉

  2. Ok, seeing as I’ve experienced that, it’s not really funny…but Chris I gotta tell you that you have a way with words…I laughed when I read it just because you really do have a way with words :o) kudos on that

  3. […] Surreal Memory – Last April I lived through what I thought for a few minutes was a bad dream.  It seems like most people at some point have had the dream where you realize you’re […]

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