Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 6, 2008

Recycled – 99 Balloons

I love our church!  This morning the topic in our Recycled: Beyond Broken series was Weakened By Disease.  The approach we took was a little different than a normal Sunday but I thought it was really fitting for the subject matter.  I’m sure Eddie would have done a great job with a regular sermon about allowing God to work through the tragedy of physical sickness and death.  But instead, we showed the amazing video below called 99 Balloons (see below).  It is an incredibly powerful video and it would have been great as an added element to our normal worship service.  But, since we’re a bigger church and have more resources and capabilities than many churches, we were able to go beyond that.  Instead of just showing the video, we contacted the parents featured in the video (Matt & Ginny Mooney) and we actually brought them in for an interview and they did an incredible job.  It was amazing hearing about everything that Matt and his wife went through.  He was incredibly honest about where he was with God and everything they had stuggled with.  I really apprecaited hearing his honesty and authenticty and seeing a couple who really is allowing God to recycled their lives in the midst of an incredibly difficult situation. 

If you want to find out more about Matt & Ginny’s journey, you can visit their blog, Ninety-Nine Balloons.  You can also listen to today’s interview online at our church website.


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