Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 6, 2008

365 Days of Trash

I ran across this the other day on Neatorama.  Apparently a pefectly normal guy had an eppifany as he was taking out the trash.  It hit him that when we throw things away they don’t actually disappear (a misconception that most of us live with, at least on a practical basis).  We really are just moving it out of our sight.  He gradually began to realize just how much garbage each of us produces and he felt called to start a life experinment.  For the entire year of 2008, he is not going to throw any thing away and he is blogging about his experiences.  He is keeping all of his garbage/recycling/compost in his basement to see just how much waste one person creates in a year.  That alone just sounds like an excuse for a bachelor not to clean his house for a year but the most amazing thing is that he isn’t a bachelor.  He has a wife and kids who have to live in the house with him.  He’s already posted a few stories about different aspects of their frustration with him.  I’m sure that will only grow as the summer comes and that basement starts to heat up.  Yuck!

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