Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 5, 2008

Guess Who?

Do you guys remember the game Guess Who?  It is the game you played in like 4th grade where you tried to guess which mystery face your opponent had by asking questions like “do they have facial hair” or “are they wearing a hat”.  There would always be the one kid who was a little slow on the uptake that would start off with questions like, “do they have a red flower in their hair” or “does he have white hair and a pink polka-doted bow tie.”  You kind of felt bad for them but even if you helped out but suggesting they ask if it was a man or woman they’d just shrug it off an go right back to eliminating people one by one.  Good times.

As random as that reference may seem (which, well I guess it is) I’ve been playing a grown up version of Guess Who lately.  As I begin posts 101-200 I’ve been wondering who all is checking out my blog.  I’d love to know who you are.  Up to this point I’ve been posting a pretty wide variety of stuff about my personal life, my ministry, our church, a few random spiritual thoughts and of course quite a bit of random, weird stuff.  While I’m definitely still going to be posting the randomness that is me, I would love to know who is looking at this so I can skew the content a little more towards the people checking it out. 

I’ve talked to a few of you who have mentioned that you’ve read the blog but I’m still pretty much in the dark.  So help a brother out.  Leave me a comment and let me know who is out there. 

Do you have a fluffy red afro?  Are you wearing light up suspenders?  Throw me a bone!


  1. I am short, I do not have glasses, and I like soda. A lot. Guess who???

  2. I am not wearing a hat. I do not have a mustache. I am a man. I am not Bernard. Guess who????

  3. I am older than you. I am the one who always wanted you to clean your room. So why do you keep it clean for Melissa?
    Guess Who

  4. I wish I were GuessWho #2 b/c it rhymes… I DO wear glasses… and I love the ellipsis… guess who???

  5. Oh this is fun…like GuessWho #3 I too wear glasses and love the ellipsis…in fact we share a lot of things in common including our birthday…Guess Who????

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