Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 4, 2008

Multimedia Resources

A recent blog post I saw about finding great pictures online made me think that it might be helpful to share some of the places I get multimedia resources online.  Obviously, I don’t work as a graphic designer or videographer but I have done a little of each recently (on a small scale).  Plus I look for lots of resources as a student minister. 

Here are some of the sites I find helpful (mainly ones I use for ministry – I may post about the personal/fun stuff seperately).  I’d love to hear what you use!


  • – Use the advanced search and look for Creative Commons licensed photos
  • Microsoft – This is pretty basic but if you just need something simple it sometimes helps
  • – This is a pay site that we use at church
  • iStockPhoto – You have to pay for these but we’ve found a few great images for church use


  • YouTube – For clips to show with smaller groups or for ministry purposes, this is a great resource.  You can download the videos using sites like Zamzar or Vixy.
  • BlueFish – They’ve got tons of great ministry and fun videos that are easy to search and are fairly cheap.
  • Vine Resources – I posted this before but it is done by some of the graphic/video people at Southeast.  They put it all online for churches to use free.


  • Freeplay Music – I don’t know the copyright stuff really well but I believe you can use this for non-profit stuff.  They’ve got a pretty broad selection if you’re looking for background music, etc.
  • Incompetech – This one has quite a bit of royalty-free music as well.  Not amazing but it is free.


  • 1001 Free Fonts – I’ve used this site for like 8-9 years.  Lots of variety.  All free.
  • DaFont – I just found this one but it looks like its got some great ways of searching for free fonts.
  • Better Fonts – New to me but it looks like a good resource.

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