Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 2, 2008


A few days ago, Neatorama, one of my favorite blogs just for fun stuff, pointed out this fun video.  My friend Kara is pretty good with words but I’m not so sure she could define this one (at least not before she watches the video).  Any takers?  Define the word: Sardoodledom.


  1. Not really fair if it’s not really a word…

    Okay, before I watch the video I’m going to guess it means, though I’m quite certain trying to apply any logic will not help… A large quantity of bitter, mocking, sneering dirty old men…
    (Combination of sardonic, oodles, and d.o.m.)

  2. Gosh darn it… I should have remembered that… I guess it doesn’t count as knowing it if I didn’t remember it, but George Bernard Shaw coined the phrase… sometime in the mid-1800’s…

  3. or late 1800’s… that’s more likely…

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