Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 2, 2008

My Recent Journey Into the 70s

This past week, a number of different parts of my world came together to offer me an interesting look at life in the 70s.  I haven’t talked about it much here but Melissa and I started a small side business about a year and a half ago called Memory Works.  We do a number of things as a part of it but one of the things we offer is transfering audio or video onto CD or DVD. 

Last week Dave Miller, Director of Operations at West Side, approached me about putting a few of his LPs (I call them records) onto CD.  I don’t happen to have a record player so I had to have him lend me his.  Before I took it home though, I actually had to ask him to show me how to use it.  (I know, I know, this shocks a lot of people but seriously, the last time I remember listening to a record I was probably 6 years old and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the one who turned the music on.  I know that the basic idea is a little needle spinning around on the plastic but I’d hate to ruin his prized records by playing them wrong and scratching them all up or melting them or something.)

When I got them home and started recording them to our computer I couldn’t help but laugh.  I started one of the records and it began with this song, Brain Damage, that I’m sure must have won a grammy at some point.  Click the link to at least listen to the first minute or so.  It is classic.  (I get the part about “doing those drugs”, but what in the world does “smoking those rugs” mean?  All I can think of is setting a shag carpet on fire or smoking a toupee.)

As I got deeper and deeper into the world of the 70’s things started to get hard to understand.  You see, not having been born until late 1980, I have never been exposed to what is refered to as “hip” culture.  However, I have since discovered a helpful tool for those of you who missed out on this great decade.  It is a recording of an old instructional record convering the basics of how to speak hip.  You can actually listen to the entire recording online and it sounds like a very valuable resouce when dealing with a people who…ummm…with people who have a few more years under their belt than I do.

I was going to stop there but, as the NCAA tourney gets close to declaring a champion, the trash talk around the office has heated up quite a bit and Dave has been pouring it on pretty thick (even though until recently I was beating him pretty well).  It looks like the odds are pretty good that he’ll finish higher that me this year (though I think my average finishing position will still be better).  I’ve exhausted most of my trash talk about basketball so I’ve decided just to post a couple of pictures of Dave and his journey from the 70’s to present day.  I can’t quite put my finger on it but I think something has changed. 

olddave.jpg   newdave.jpg

Sorry DaveO.  A guy can only take so much before he snaps.  😉


  1. I can definitely dig where you’re comin’ from, Sandel-man. But all your trash talk only confirms that you’re a hipster doofus, a real square. I’m feelin’ some serious negative waves emanating from your space. Bad karma, man!

  2. Man, I thought I was involved in a major spat…

  3. HILARIOUS! (I get my 70’s fix from watching “That 70’s Show… it’s a guilty pleasure)

    (the last post would be funnier if they had spelled Barack correctly…)

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