Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 1, 2008

West Side Building Project

We had a fun staff meeting today. Over the past few months the church leadership has been discussing some new building options. They had a bunch of great ideas thrown out and they’re finalizing plans now. It looks like one of the cool things we’re going to do is build a really large statue of Jesus that will be easy to see from Veteran’s Parkway. We’re all really excited that people will be able to see an outward expression of how important Jesus is to our church. Every time we drive into the parking lot at West Side or drive by during the day we’ll be able to see that God really is looking down upon everything we do. It should be a great reminder for us and for all of the people of Springfield, not to mention the fact that we won’t have to reach out into the community anymore. Instead, it will be easy for everyone in Springfield to see what we’re all about. They can just come to us instead of us having to reach out to them. (Obviously the image below is just very basic rendering. The exact plans aren’t finalized yet.)

There is one other thing that I couldn’t fit into the paragraph above.  Just highlight the text below to get the last bit of info.

Just kidding. I couldn’t resist. Happy April Fools Day! – The amazing thing is this is actually from a real church (Solid Rock Church – Monroe, OH).

link, church


  1. good joke… very fun…

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