Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 1, 2008

A Real Life “Junior”

This is just rediculous.  I always said that I was glad to be a man because, well because girls have a lot to deal with.  As amazing as the whole bringing life into the world thing is, I was always glad that I wouldn’t have to contemplate that pain.  Apparently that isn’t completely true. 

Back in the day I saw the movie Junior, featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a pregnant father, and thought…well I didn’t think too much of anything.  It was a pretty dumb movie.  But apparently it wasn’t completely made up.  Some doctor whose wife had a hysterectomy years ago has managed to get himself pregnant.  I’m amazed I hadn’t heard about this before now.



  1. […] day pranks of all time.  I didn’t see it on the top 100 list, but maybe pretending that a man could really get pregnant could at least make their top […]

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