Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 31, 2008

ROOTS – Jr. High Series


I am really excited about what we’re doing with our Jr. High kids this month.  Four years ago we taught a series called Rooted.  It was about spiritual disciplines and as a part of it I put together several tools that kids could take home if they wanted to learn more about one of the disciplines that we talked about (one discipline for each letter in the word roots).

At this point, all of the kids who originally went through that series have moved on to High School and this month we’re bringing it back.  We’ve been working on revising it for several months now and I feel like this is the most complete teaching series that we’ve ever done.  Our Sunday morning lessons are pretty solid but the things I’m most excited about are the things that go beyond lessons at church.

We’re really trying to help the kids apply the things that they’re learning to their daily lives and we’ve done a couple of things to help.  The first thing we’ve done is put together a discussion guide to help parents talk to their kids about the things they’re learning each week.  Beyond that, we’ve created a few additional tools and revamped our old ones to make them look pretty sharp.  If you’re interested in what we’re doing or what to check out some of the tools, you can get more info at our student ministry website.

We started the series last Sunday and, while it is a little hard to judge response on one Sunday, I did hear from a few kids.  One girl who just began coming the week before Easter came and told me that she had to miss next week but she wanted to know how she could catch up on what she misses.  A Jr. High student was worried about what they might miss in a lesson about spiritual disciplines!  We also had a lot of kids who were excited about the challenge we gave them to grow a green bean seed over the next five weeks as a reminder that spiritual growth, like the growth of a plant, requires a commitment and regular attention.  Hopefully, through this series, we’ll get a chance to see more and more of our kids taking responsibility for their own spiritual growth.


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