Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 31, 2008

Art Project

A while back, when I was just beginning to blog, I mentioned the fact that I was considering getting back into art (at least a little) as a part of a worship series that we did at West Side over the last few months.  The project was to create pieces to fit the theme, Closer: Take Another Step Toward Jesus or one of the topics that went along with it.  I ended up doing two stipling projects (since I thought they were the safest).  We were also asked to give a title and description to each (but I only did it for one). 


Walking on the Edge – Pursuit of God can be a walk on the edge.  We try to move higher and higher toward God but we are always one step, one slip up away from falling into darkness.  Lord, guide our steps.  Keep us wary of the temptations of the evil one.  May our sole pursuit be to take one more step into Your light.


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