Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 30, 2008

Close Call

I’ve seen a few of these clips before but seeing them all together is pretty crazy.  I’m not sure what the text at the beginning says and the choice of music may be a little questionable but these have got to be some of the closest calls I’ve ever seen.  

Lessons learned from this video:

  • After an accident, don’t stand at the edge of the interstate in the middle of a rain storm. 
  • Don’t do dangerous skateboard tricks into oncoming traffic. 
  • If ever attacked by a gunman, just duck behind a tree. 
  • And most importantly, NEVER stand on the side of road in the middle of a high speed race.  However, if you do find yourself there with a car coming at you, by all means jump into the road.  That is sure to be the safest place.

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