Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 29, 2008

Stuff Christians Like

I like eating chicken marsala.  I like listening to audiobooks while mowing the lawn.  But I LOVE this blog. 

Maybe if I wasn’t married… never mind. 

I’ve had a blast looking through all 70+ posts of this new Stuff Christians Like blog.  If I had the time and the mad writing skills of this guy I’d have done this myself.  Since I don’t, I guess I’ll just make sure to check his posts everyday.

Obviously, you need to check this out for yourself and look through all of the posts, but just to highlight a few of my favorites:

  • #2 Saying “bless her heart” – We’ve joked about this many times.  I like one of the comments, “I have a friend that says that is a nice way of saying, “you idiot!” I agree. She fell down – bless her heart!”
  • #17 Unspoken Prayer Requests– I loved his P.S.  “Whenever I hear someone ask for an unspoken prayer request I think in my head, “that dude is having an affair, he laundered money, he is making meth in his basement or he is doing all of the above.” That’s why it’s usually better to just be upfront.”
  • #26 Songs that sound Christian but aren’t – I can’t quote it all here so you’ll just have to read it.  Needless to say, inserting God into secular songs can be dangerous.  You might end up telling Jesus, “I like the way you taste.”  (Side note: Even worse than making secular songs Christian is dedicating worship songs to your girlfriend…I’ll have to write about that sometime.)
  • #37 Abstinence– Teaching abstinence class for the 8th grade boys at our Christian school made this one resonate with me.  Kids definitely need to hear a lot more reasons than holiness and purity.  When you can smell the B.O. emanating from the guys as they walk into class, purity may not be their first priority.  But tell them how to have better sex lives (i.e. wait) and they’re all ears.
  • #46 Super, happy, shiny Christian Radio – Now that’s positive.
  • #52 Andy Stanley – I love the Stanley quote he uses that was taken from a sermon.  “I know it’s fun to dress up, but I have to warn you, unless people start putting on more clothes when they come to church I’m going to progressively raise the air conditioning until it’s freezing in here.”  Jon(the blog writer)’s comments are even funnier but you’ll have to hit the link to see them.
  • #55 Getting the precise definition of “virgin” from your youth minister -This goes hand in hand (or insert your own various other cliche body parts) with #37 Abstience.  This certainly is a big topic for the 8th graders who are bold enough to bring it up.  Some things never change.

I could go on and on but I had to cut myself off.  Seriously, you’ve got to check this out.  I don’t even remember how many times I laughed out loud.  Enjoy!



  1. That is a really funny and sometimes insightful sight. The website he based it on (Stuff White People Like) is definitely just as funny, though not nearly as insightful.

  2. We laughed for a long time tonight at the description for the one on “metrosexual worship leaders” – graphic tee over graphic tee over tattoo…

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