Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 28, 2008

Stick It!

Back in college, “stick it” used to be a deragatory term term of endearment that we’d use with with each other while gesturing to each other with palms facing in.  Today marks another fun holiday and I’d like give you have all a “stick it” in honor of official “Something-on-a-stick” Day. 

This is really my kind of holiday since most of the things you’d typically eat on a stick are things that I’d probably eat.  I did some searching and found..

The worst of food on a stick: Chicken Heads (reminds me of Africa)


Some of the best of food on a stick: Cheesecake on a stick (never had it but it looks pretty good)


Most creative food on a stick: Corndog & Fries
Most Creative Runner Up: Breakfast (and dessert) on a stick


Finally, I always love the fun videos so I pulled out a couple in honor of this very special day. 

Offical Holiday Video:

Shout out to Brak’s ode to Soup-on-a-Stick:



  1. Greetings from; might I be able to borrow your photo of the Chicken Heads on a Stick to include in my upcoming article on stick food? Would credit and link back appropriately! Thanks in advance.

    Brynn Mannino
    Assistant Editor
    bmannino at hfmus dot com

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