Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 27, 2008

A Simple Lunch

As much as I love hanging out with students, I am a pretty task oriented guy and my default tends to be getting things done in the office.  This year I’ve been trying harder to make relational ministry more of a priority.  We have a school at our church so I’ve been going down and visiting with the kids every Wednesday during lunch and I’ve loved it. 

Yesterday as I drove to work I remembered that the kids are on spring break this week so I had an open spot at lunch.  Instead of just thinking that I’d have some extra time to get more done I called a seventh grade boy who we asked to be on the student leadership team that we’re starting up this month.  It ended up working out great (God tends to do that) because I realized that yesterday also happened to be his birthday.

We ended up grabbing some Arby’s and going to the park to play catch.  We didn’t talk about anything too life changing but he is a great kid with a lot of potential and it was a good reminder of how important something as simple as grabbing lunch with a kid can be.  At lunch he mentioned being excited when I called about going to lunch.  I forget sometimes how cool it can be to go to lunch with an adult who you know cares about you.


  1. I am so glad you started a blog…

    I always enjoy reading it and very often it makes me smile and inspires me…

    You really are one of my favorite people…

    (and I love the elipse… such a wonderful form of punctuation…)

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