Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 25, 2008

Another Incredible Hulk

Yeah, so apparently there is another Incredible Hulk movie coming up following the amazing success of the first one (read sarcasm).   This time it stars just who you’d think of to play the Hulk, Edward Norton Jr.?  But seriously, as severely underwhelmed as I was with the original try at a Hulk movie, and as low as my expectations were for anything else they might try, this preview actually kind of intrigued me.  All of the crazy special effects that make up a summer blockbuster also make me doubtful that this could end up being a really good movie but ever since I saw Primal Fear I’ve loved Edward Norton’s acting and he looks like he might actually bring something to this as well.  I guess we’ll see (at least when it comes out on video).

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