Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 21, 2008

The Power of WITH

During one of the final Illini Basketball games of the season I saw a commercial that intrigued me.  It was surprisingly deep for an ad, especially one promoting the merger of two financial companies.

It was all about the power of with.  It simply showed pictures of people living in community.  People laughing together, playing together, living together, etc.  Then a voice came on talking about the difference that the one little word with can make. 

“She’s with child.” (pregnant woman rubbing her belly)
“She’s with me.” (short high school boy at prom with tall girl)
“We’re with the band.” (two old ladies dancing…kinda random)

Everyone is looking for the with.  We were all made with a desire to live in community.  That really should be what the church is.  Not a place where we can sneak in and out to check our attendance off on a to-do list but a place where we are known, challenged and genuinely cared about. 

When Melissa talks about the importance of small groups she often shows a clip from the classic TV show, Cheers.  The draw of the bar, and really the draw of the show, was the feeling that you’re in a place, “where everybody knows your name.” 

It is easy for me to get caught up in my own little world and get comforable with the few people who I already know and can call my friends.  But every once in a while it is good to get a reminder that there are so many people out there who are really just looking for the WITH.  God made us to be a part of the church so that we could be the WITH in the lives of hurting and broken people.  Now, if we could I can only look beyond myself and begin seeing the people right in front of me who are in search of that one little word.

(I looked all over for a place to see the ad online but had no luck.  If anyone happens to know where to find it, let me know.)

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