Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 19, 2008

Could I Be Cool?

For years I’ve been saying that I am a perfect fit to be a Jr. High minister because I’m just not cool.  I love Jr. High kids because you really don’t have to be cool for them to like you.  You just have to show that you care about them and occasionally make a fool of yourself (which I do on a regular basis).  With a lot of High School kids it feels like you need to be at least a little bit cool to earn their respect.  While John, our High School minister, can definitely pull of the cool role (at least in comparison to me…he drinks Starbucks coffee, shaves his head and occasionally wears a cool pair of sunglasses) I would more generally be described as goofey.  (Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

However, that all may be about to change.  I just saw this new music video and if this is the future of dance I might actually have a chance to be cool.  I figure I can stand on one foot and hope around with the best of them.  Just get me a grill and some really baggy pants and I’ll be all set. 


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