Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 15, 2008

24 Hours of Testosterone

I just got back from our highly anticipated West Side Men’s Retreat.  We had over 160 guys there and it was a really cool time together.  Joe Donaldson from Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY was our speaker and he did a great job of bringing humor together with Biblical truth to challenge us to be warriors for God and fight for our families and the people around us.  He also talked about learning to balance grace and truth the way that Jesus did in John 8.  Outside of our planned time together I had a blast playing basketball and cards with the guys and just hanging out.

On a lighter not, Eddie’s main job at the retreat was to have some fun before and after each session.  He showed a number of fun videos but this one was my favorite.  If you’ve a guy and you’ve ever felt like you were going to pass out walking by a Yankee Candle store this video is for you.  (I tell my wife that the real gift of a candle like that is the fact that I went into the store for her.)


The only different between Musty Locker Room and Chuck Norris Sweat is that the Norris sent beats all other sents into submission.  It is great if you’ve got to compete with your wife’s sissy candle scents like Baby Powder or Eucalyptus.

Amazingly enough, you can actually buy some of these scents online!  No Chuck Norris sweat but they do have beer, grass, pigskin and urinal cake, among others.

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