Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 14, 2008

New House

Our friends Josh and Bethany bought a house last night!  They’d been looking for a while now since they’re getting married this summer.  This afternoon they saw one that they really like and then a few hours later they found out their offer had been accepted!  They actually heard the news just as we were finishing the newest episode of Lost so it was fun to celebrate with them (after we finished the episode of course).

Melissa and I had a chance to go through and see it last night and it really is a great house, especially for them.  It is an older house with a lot of character and charm.  It even has a cool arched, “hobbit” front door that is a lot of fun.  I’m super excited for them to know where they are going and I can’t wait to help them move and get settled.  Congratulations guys!

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