Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 13, 2008

Shadrack’s Birthday

Last year Melissa and I went to Africa and while we were there we met a little boy named Shadrack.  When we came back, his story become one that the pre-K children at our church took as their own.  The more they found out about him, the more they fell in love.  Because they cared so much for him, they asked Keith & Kathy (the missionaries there) to try to track him down.  Up until that point, he was just a street kid that we ran into and fed a meal to.  Somehow (God) they were able to find him and now our pre-K students sponsor him to go to school.  We recently got an updated picture of him and it is so cool to see him well dressed, cleaned up and wearing real shoes (his old ones could barely be called shoes).  You can find out more about our meeting with Shadrack from this post on our trip blog.  Anyway, today is his birthday so I thought I’d take this chance to share his story and say Happy Birthday Shadrack!

shadrackbefore.jpg  shadrack.jpg

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