Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 12, 2008

Video Games – Our Past & Our Future

Up until now, I thought the internet was just going to be a fad.  Now I know it is here to stay.  You can now play the top 100 original nintendo video games (plus a bunch more) online anytime you want, day or night.  My friend Josh will never get a thing done again if he finds out about this so no one tell him.  A couple of my favorites… 

neszelda.jpg  nestetris.jpg

I’m really more into the old school games (I guess that officially makes me old… now for the obligatory “those were the days”).  However, when I see things like this I understand why.  Apparently you can now buy game accessories that make your digital pain real.  Just what I always wanted.  Now I can feel every one of the 224 crashes around the race track as if I was really there.  Yippie! 

The future of our children is coming…



  1. The world of online games is changing so fast I think that this year alone 100+ companies will launch a new online game while the creators of console games are just getting into the online realm.

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