Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 10, 2008

Lost Madness

This will never take the place of the real March Madness but it is still kind of fun.  In Lost Madness, viewers can look at the bracket match-ups, choose their least favorite characters and vote them off (the island…*rim-shot*).

Some interesting interesting possible second round match ups… Kate vs. Aaron (brings my fight club ranking to mind…ever wonder how many 6 month olds you could take in a fight?), Ben vs. Alex, Juliet vs. Goodwin, Desmond vs. Penelope, and my personal favorite, Sayid vs. John Locke.  I’d like to think that would be a good match-up but if it were an actual fight and not a popularity contest John would look like a sissy girl with Sayid coming at him full on Republican Guard style. 

You can even print out a bracket of your own.  I don’t know if we could manage a full on pool but I’d love to hear everybody’s final four and overall winner.  The site states that you are voting for your favorite Lost characters so who do you think will make it all the way?  After sharing mine with my wife, she thinks I’m crazy.  I tended to vote for people who I thought were integral to the plot, not necessarily the most likable…with the exception of Hurley.  My final four: Jack Shephard, Ben Linus, Desmond Hume and, the longshot, Daniel Faraday. In the championship, I have Desmond beating Jack to win it all.

So what do you all think?  Who makes your final four (according to this bracket)?  Who wins it all?




  1. Yep…

    I think I base my decisions on who I like AND likelihood of who’ll win in a fight…

    I have Jack vs. Sawyer and Ben vs. Smoke Monster in the final four

    and Sawyer winning it all… b/c I like him best… 🙂 It’s all about the “scientific” with me 😉

  2. Well, I think you did great on the Right hand side of the bracket… It looks quite likely that we’ll have a Desmond-Ben match up in the final four (COME ON JACOB!!! I HATE Ben)…

    Your left side, not so great though… I’m STILL pulling for Sawyer, even though I love Sayid…

  3. Yeah, I’ve only missed one so far on the right side. I picked Kevin Johnson in the first round ahead of Dave (Hurley’s imaginary friend). I still stand by that one (now that we all know who that is).

    The left side is pretty sad though. I only had Mr. Eko make it into the final four on that side. Who would have thought that both Jack and Kake would be gone. I’ve missed a total of 8 total picks on the left side.

  4. […] we don’t have a new show this week, the official results of the Lost Madness bracket that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago have been released and I called it.  The winner is… […]

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