Posted by: Chris Sandel | February 21, 2008

Winter Travel

So I’m not a big fan of winter travel.

Kyle and I are stuck in Dallas trying to bum a ride to somewhere within driving distance of Springfield. At this point it looks like we’re going to make it on a flight to Chicago. From there we’ll have to rent a car and drive down through the snow. To make matters worse, as we were talking to an agent after seeing our flight was cancelled, Melissa called and told me she got in an accident on her way back from Chicago today. Apparently she hit a rough spot on the interstate just outside of Lincoln. She slide off the highway, through a fence and onto a frontage road. Our car is pretty messed up but, with the help of a trucker, she was able to get back on the road and made it home safe.

Did I mention that winter travel stinks? But I guess if you want to enjoy February in Florida you’ve got to deal with occasional travel headaches…at least if you’re dumb enough to live in Illinois.

(Hopefully this will even post. I thought I’d give it a try from my phone while we’re waiting.)


  1. OH NO!!!! This is not great. I’m so glad you’re a relatively calm person. I’D be freaking out…

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