Posted by: Chris Sandel | February 18, 2008

Mega Conference

I’m in Destin, Florida this week.  Kyle and I are here for the Mega Church Student Ministry Conference (John, our High School guy, is at home awaiting the arrival of his second child).  It is a gathering of lots of student ministry pastors from large churches.  It is a great chance to talk to other guys doing the same thing I am in churches like ours.  I look forward to these few days every year because I always come away with a few good ideas and I am encouraged by being with others in the same situation as me.  It isn’t often that I run into other Jr. High ministers but there are usually quite a few of them here.  It should be a great week.

Plus, I can’t complain about Florida in February!



  1. Well OF COURSE you can’t complain about Florida in February… It’s bitterly cold here, in case you were wondering…

    **Bitter Hrumph glare at Chris**


  2. Now why can’t we have a February like that?

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