Posted by: Chris Sandel | February 13, 2008

Happy “Get A Different Name” Day

So apparently today is National Get A Different Name Day.  Other than the fact that there were 5-6 other Chris’s in my graduating class, I never really minded my name.  Some people have a name that they’ve always wanted but that really isn’t the case for me (other than thinking it would be cool to have a middle name like “Danger”… which I’m still lobbying for whenever we have kids).  Since I don’t already have a name picked out I jumped online and did some research to come up with the perfect name.  Some of the ideas I found:

My Sawyer nickname, from Lost: Twiggy
My Very British name name is: Rufus Chamberlain
My fluffy kitten name is: Whiskers Merryweather
My impossible-to-pronounce name is: Crismdsart
My dragon name is: Chazor, the Bringer of Ashes
My superhero name is: Commander Vengeance
My mafia name is: Francisco Testaverde
My vampire name is: IANCU (gracious)
My pirate name is: Cap’n Hubert Sharkbait
My gangsta name is: Off Da Hook Skull Cruncha
My Mexican wrestler name is: Pantalones Loco
My taxi driver name is: Baboolal Richards

Because I am a man of many layers, I don’t think it would be fair to use any one of these descriptions to generalize me.  Therefore, the only logical thing is to take then best of them all to come up with the perfect name.  So today you can call me Francisco Rufus Merryweather aka “Cap’n Vengeance the Pantalones Cruncha.”

Let me know your favorite nickname and I’ll happily call you that for the rest of the day (or maybe longer) as we celebrate this great day together!


  1. LOL!!!

    What a fun day! Everyone should celebrate! I’ll have to remember to call you Francisco tonight 🙂

  2. […] you change your name if you could? My friend Chris has informed us that today is “Get a Different Name” Day.  How fun!!!When I was younger I […]

  3. hey! we have the same impossible-to-pronounce name!
    though i believe i can pronounce it now. haha

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