Posted by: Chris Sandel | February 5, 2008

Illini Recruiting

It is a sad year for Illinois basketball but, being the constant optimist that I am, I’d like to cheer up some of you fellow Illini fans.  (I need some cheering up myself after taking in the home loss to Purdue last weekend.  Maybe it isn’t such a bad thing that I don’t have the Big Ten network this year…I can’t believe I just said that.) 

For those of you ready to look ahead a little bit, that last few months have been GREAT for recruiting.  A couple of days ago we got our final commitment for the class of 2009, a 6-8 junior named Tyler Griffey.  He is a four star recruit and is joined by three other 3-4 star recruits in what should be a great class.  One of the other guys, a junior named Brandon Paul is pictured below jumping right over a defender to throw in a dunk.  (I could do that no problem.  I just don’t want to make the other players feel bad).  This kid is only a junior so it will be exciting to have more athleticisim on the court.  Add to that the fact that we already have a 5 star sophomore who is considered the best player in Illinois in the class of 2010 and we’re looking to be in good shape in the years to come.  Go Illini!

Brandon Paul

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