Posted by: Chris Sandel | February 4, 2008

Unleashing the Artist Within

Some of you may know during my freshman year (and technically my sophomore year) of college I was an art major.  When I started out I planned on going into graphic design and, for a four year degree, they require you to take a bunch of general art classes (two dimensional design, three dimensional design, lots of drawing, etc).  Obviously, when I switched my major to Youth Ministry all of those art classes I had under my belt didn’t help much toward my degree from LCC. 

Since then I really haven’t tried to use my “artstic muscle” much.  I do lots of stuff on the computer (graphics and video stuff) but it has been a long time since I’ve used my hands to do anything artisic.  I don’t even really doodle.  For a while now I’ve been thinking it could be fun to mess around a little with some sort of drawing or painting but I haven’t ever gotten motivated. 

Tonight my friend Bethany is hosting a meeting at our church for artists (or wannabes).  We’ve got a series coming up called Closer: Take Another Step Toward Jesus and, as a part of it, she is hoping to collect artwork to put around our church to display things from Jesus life & ministry or things that follow the weekly topics (Learn About Me from the Bible, Meet Me in Baptism, Follow Me by Obedience, Represent Me through the Church).  I think this might be something to spur me on to give art another try so I’m going to check out the meeting tonight at 7:OOPM tonight.  If any of you are budding artists or are just interested in the possibilities I’d love to see you there too.  It is in Conference Room West (turn right on the second floor if you’re coming up the elevator).

Outside of the possible motivation to try out some art stuff, I’m excited about the series because I think it will be great to focus in specifically on Jesus for a while and it sounds like there are some other really cool things planned for the series.  If you aren’t a part of a church, this would be a great time to come by and check things out for a week.



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