Posted by: Chris Sandel | February 4, 2008

Crazy Fog

We have been under a dense fog warning all day.  Normally I would say big deal, so it is a little foggy.  Today, however, is the foggiest day I think I have ever seen.  I ran home at lunch and had to risk my life to make a left turn.  You couldn’t see more than like 20 feet down a road with a speed limit of 45mph.  That is a bad combination.  I couldn’t see anything coming either direction so pretty much just have to hit the gas and pray that no one was coming too fast.  Pictures of fog are pretty much just pictures of nothing but I thought I’d throw a couple in just for fun.

Crazy Fog - Left Turn

When Melissa and I got home tonight we turned down our street and couldn’t see our own house.  There is one empty lot between our house and the main road but we couldn’t see our house at all (30-40 yards).  Our house is the slightly darker mass in the middle of the picture below (if you can even make it out).

Crazy Fog - Home

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